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Novedades. Marzo 2018
Extranet shutdown and new access to data.

At the end of this month we are shutting down our Extranet (www.dynamobelextranet.com). All the information available on this network and other content has been moved to our new website, so there is little point in keeping it running.

This email is to inform you that we have imported all your data to the new website except your password, which we have been unable to recover due to the database encryption system. In order to work and view the hidden contents on www.dynamobel.com, login by clicking the header here:


You then need to click forgot password? on the form. The system will email you a new password.

recuperacion de contraseña

The image below shows an example of the information available to all users and the additional information which users who have logged in can see, highlighted here in orange.

descargas activadas

We have also posted a notice* on the current Extranet informing users that we plan to shut the network down definitively on the 28th of March.

Please share this information with your colleagues. Some of them may not have received this notification because they are not in our data base. You can ask to be included by writing to info@dynamobel.com

Suscripción a www.dynamobel.com

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